easyHotel plans would '˜breathe new life into Hastings eyesore'

Plans for a new hotel in Hastings would '˜breathe new life into an eyesore building', according to readers.

Thursday, 11th October 2018, 10:36 am
Updated Thursday, 11th October 2018, 5:24 pm
Plans for easyHotel in Hastings
Plans for easyHotel in Hastings

The hotel would be made up of 103 hotel rooms, nine family suites and a basement gym that would be open for 24 hours a day, according to documents submitted by the developer,

The plans also include a rooftop garden, which developers say would act as a viewing platform for Hastings Castle.

Queensbury House, Hastings. SUS-160903-134535001

Readers took to the Observer’s Facebook page to welcome the application as positive news as they felt it represented a good use for the building and would help boost the town’s economy.


One user wrote: “This will bring jobs, breathe new life into an eyesore and any big company investing in Hastings, has to be good news.

“Plus a 24-hour gym all to use not just visitors is a nice bonus.”

Another said: “Excellent plan and right by the station, would be a real asset to our town.”

Another wrote: “Good idea. Would make good use of an eyesore of a building, and the town is very short of hotel rooms for this market.”

A reader added: “Great to see more jobs being created in the town and cheap accommodation can only encourage more visitors to the town.

“That eyesore of a building is one of the first things people see when they arrive by train so would be good to see it have the facelift it desperately needs. Everyone wins with this one. Let’s just hope it goes through.”

Some readers suggested alternative uses such as accommodation for the homeless, while several suggested the building should be demolished and a new structure built in its place.

One of the only concerns raised was around a lack of parking, although it was suggested since it was so close to the station many visitors would arrive via train.


An agent for the developer said: “In general terms Hastings needs affordable hotels and cheap accommodation in convenient and accessible locations.

“The proposed use for easyHotel will be complementing other hotels in Hastings and increasing choice by providing low cost, good quality accommodation which would be attractive to a mix of business and leisure customers (from both the UK and overseas).

“This proposal would give rise to an influx of new visitors coming to Hastings for a weekend getaway, seaside holiday or an overnight stay.

“There is a lack of hotels in key locations like the subject area and this development will assist in providing much-needed cheap and high-quality hotels with public facilities and amenities in Hastings.

“This building will add positively to the mixed-use that the area is seeking to achieve and maintain, and contribute to the social, economic and environmental value of the intermediate and wider area.”

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