How much does this man love Hastings Pirate Day?

Pirate fan Anthony Frederick loves Hastings Pirate Day so much that he is driving nearly 250 miles from Barton on Humber, in North Lincolnshire in a special Mini car he has had decorated with stunning neon-green pirate livery.

Friday, 12th July 2019, 10:42 am
Pirate car 2 SUS-191207-085205001

Anthony event has a bony pirate skeleton passenger to join him on the long expedition to Hastings.

The Mini enthusiast is also embarking on a mission to restore old-school chivalry on the road with his Save the Wave campaign.

Pirate car 1 SUS-191207-085102001

The campaign urges Mini drivers to acknowledge each other with a friendly wave when they pass each other.

Anthony said: “The Save the Wave campaign is about road safety and community spirit. BMW have shown an interest in the campaign.

He added: “Years ago in classic Minis anyone who had one would wave at another one coming Mini if they saw one broken down they would pull over and offer assistance whether it was going to get fuel for them if they run out or calling the RAC or AA. Nowadays it could be as simple as waving someone out of a busy junction or giving somebody a lift off of the motorway so it’s less dangerous or merely a friendly hand gesture acknowledging the fact that you drive the coolest car on the planet and so do they. So save the wave is about bringing back those old values of community that existed in classic Mini ownership.”

Look out for Anthony and his eye-catching pirate car on Hastings seafront on Sunday.

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