Will Gordon Smith find the net?

Preview: Gordon Smith, White Rock Theatre, January 18, 7.30pm.

IN 1983, my beloved Brighton and Hove Albion went to Wembley to play Manchester United in the final of the FA Cup.

Nestled in upfront for the Seagulls that day was Scottish striker Gordon Smith. A man, who just 90 odd minutes after kick-off would secure his own place in the history of the world’s most famous cup competition.

Sadly though, he will not be remembering for scoring the winning goal. Oh no. Gordon ‘And Smith MUST score’ Smith fluffed an injury time chance to win it for the Albion.

He shot straight at the United keeper, the match was drawn and United walloped the Seagulls in the replay.

If only the Number 9 had the same powers as his namesake who is coming to the White Rock Theatre in January, someone from the Other Realm may have told the striker to chip it, instead of scuff it along the floor, and the Albion would have won the cup.

They didn’t but anyone looking for an evening of escapism and mediumism need not miss out in the same the Seagulls did.

Gordon Smith - the medium, not the footballer - is said to be one of the most accurate currently working the field, and his latest tour, Beyond Belief, gives people the chance to see his skills first hand.

Whether or not he can genuinely converse with the dead can, of course, never be proved. But his supporters celebrated his ability to give exact names and places rather than the sweeping statements so often served up by his contemporaries.

It is probably best people make up their own minds as to the validity of the show, but for those who do believe in mediums, Smith is, by all accounts, one of the best.

You just need to figure our whether that is the best at talking to the dead, or the best at making people believe he is.

Tickets are £20 available from the venue, and for more information visit www.gordonsmithmedium.com.