Two new shows from three artists

Two new exhibitions are at Hastings Arts Forum, Marina, St Leonards, until July 30.

In AF1 is Hong Dam’s Childhood memories.

Hong’s personal work is a journey of self discovery; exploring the universal themes of love, loss, separation and hope.

She uses a contemporary medium to bring together the different facets of her childhood memories – the feelings of hopes and dreams of a child who had to flee her homeland as a refugee.

Hong has put some of her art pieces into a film called Childhood Memories and this was shown at the Brighton Dome Studio on evening of June 21 as part of the Refugee Week. Most of the pieces in this film will be showing at HAF as individual pieces of art work.

In AF2 is a joint exhibition, Sacred Souls, by Paco de Quesada and Alistair Carl Kendry.

It explores how powerful sensations anchored in the past can colour the present and influence identity, the self, and the individual’s understanding of what it is to be human. Sacred Souls showcases these artists’ distinctive yet complementary styles, as influenced by their respective Spanish and Swedish heritage.