Parent and baby film screening

Preview: Parent and baby film screening, Electric Palace Cinema, High Street. Carnage, June 26, 11am. £5 (babies go free).

AN opportunity to enjoy films with no need to worry about causing a disturbance, and a chance to meet other parents and film fans.

Films will be screened with a slightly lower volume and with low level lighting.

The next event is a showing of Carnage, on June 26, at 11am.

Roman Polanski directs this comedy of manners adapted from the play by Yasmina Reza. A stripped-back four-hander, the film tells the satirical tale of two sets of well-heeled New York City parents - Penelope and Michael Longstreet and Nancy and Alan Cowan - who meet for a discussion after their sons are involved in a violent incident in the school playground.

Despite their honourable intentions, long-suppressed resentments and hostilities soon flare up both between and within the couples, leading to a rapid deterioration in civilities.

Admission is £5 and babies go free. Members of the general public are welcome as long as they are tolerant of a little disturbance.