The ultimate bad girl goes from Marlene to Dark Deeds

Dark Deeds at Kino Teatr
Dark Deeds at Kino Teatr

Patricia Hartshorne returns to Kino-Teatr in St Leonards with her darkly humorous one-woman cabaret, which takes a look at love and murder, or simply murder.

Dark Deeds moves from the chilling to the comic and surreal, from crimes of passion to the songs of Kurt Weill, Cole Porter, Tom Lehrer and more - with pianist Robert Connelly, and his music to die for.

She said: “I’ve been entertaining my audiences with a mix of the dark and the comic for several years now, and it seems to work – after all, that’s life!”

Having recently re-located from Manchester to St Leonards, the award-winning performer and writer has already appeared at Kino-Teatr with her much-travelled show Doppel Dietrich, about the life, loves and songs of the great Marlene.

Pianist Robert Connelly is also based in St Leonards and is well-known for his performances at venues throughout the south-east. This is the first time he has worked with Patricia, having seen her solo performance as Dietrich in September last year.

She added: “The blade, the bullet and the noose ... there’ll be some chillingly Dark Deeds taking place at Kino-Teatr – along with some humour to entertain and lighten the mood. Put your clocks forward, then bite the bullet.”

The performance will be on Sunday March 25 at 5pm. Tickets cost £14 / £12 from: or call on 01424 457830. For more information go to