Next up from Bowler Crab theatre company is Othello

Bowler Crab theatre company in Othello
Bowler Crab theatre company in Othello

Shakespearean theatre company, Bowler Crab, begin its autumn tour next week with its 11th production to date since starting in 2013.

The gritty tragedy Othello will be performed in the 1066 area at The Stables Theatre Hastings (November 3/4), The Mermaid Inn, Rye (November 8/9) and St John’s Centre in Bexhill on Saturday December 2. Other tour venues include Tenterden, London and Brighton.

Director Stephen John said: “The play is one of Shakespeare’s finest pieces, focusing on the love story of the black military general, Othello, and his white wife, Desdemona, who are ridiculed for their relationship because of racial prejudice. Othello’s standard bearer, Iago, is the antagonist of the plot, manipulating everyone around him to bring Othello’s reputation down by any means possible. These Jacobean characters still root in people’s memory today as realistic and relatable; powerful emotions stick deep in the foundations of this plot which deals with racism, gender politics and morality.”

The cast includes Rio Attoh-Wood (Othello) whose voice can be heard daily on TV and radio; Oliver Towner (Iago) the lead in the film Accountable; Charlie Maynard (Brabantio) was in Henry V, Regents Park; they will work alongside Christabel Clark (Desdemona) and Georgina Patrick (Emelia).

The show will start at 7.30pm, and tickets are limited and prices vary; to book go to the Bowler Crab web site or call 07801893115. Tickets for Hastings will be sold direct either on or 01424 423221. More information about the company from