New storytelling group set to launch in Hastings

Inside the Tubman in Cambridge Road, Hastings. SUS-160411-160827001
Inside the Tubman in Cambridge Road, Hastings. SUS-160411-160827001

A new storytelling group meets for the first time at The Tub on Wednesday evening (November 9).

Spin The Yarn presents True Tales of Lessons Learned.

A spokesperson for the group said: “In the pubs, cafes and living rooms of our great town, stories unfold and take us on a personal journey through a friend or a stranger’s life. Through true-life tales we connect, we share, we understand each other.

“We would like to provide a stage for everyday storytellers, a place to speak, to listen and to share life’s big and small adventures. So here we are! With our very first true life storytelling event.

“Our theme for the evening: True Stories of Lessons Learned. Hastings folk and invited guests take to the stage to tell us their own real life stories of lessons learned, be they funny, sad, scary or everything in between. Come along, have a drink & hear our tales

“Do you have a story to tell?

“There are only 3 rules: 1. the story must be true 2. the story must be your own experience 3. the story must be told in under 10 minutes

“Make us wonder, make us laugh, make us cry- tell us a tale of a lesson learned! If you would like to take part in our first event, please leave a comment or email to sign up”