It’s All About You and Pasha Kovalev as he tours Britain

Pasha Kovalev show at KL Corn Exchange ANL-150112-110638001
Pasha Kovalev show at KL Corn Exchange ANL-150112-110638001

After Life Through Dance comes It’s All About You, the fifth touring stage show from Pasha Kovalev of Strictly Come Dancing fame.

The show visits the White Rock Theatre in Hastings on March 20.

Pasha is promising another evening of your favourite music, spectacular dancing, energy, lights and sparkling costumes, uplifting entertainment for the entire family.

“Every time, it gets sold out, and it’s great fun,” says Pasha. “I think what I love about going around the country is that I can see live the people who love Strictly, the people that love dance, and really the whole thing just charges you up. After being in front of a camera for so long, I love the fact that you can really see the people out there.

“I don’t think I thought about that when I did the first show. It was really more that we had the time and wanted to put something together. We thought it would be nice to do a show out of it all, and we had a lot of similar ideas. We love to address ourselves on camera on screen, but it is lovely to go out in front of a real live audience.

“But actually, even before Strictly, I was doing these big shows. I was part of the production. I have been on Broadway. It has always been what I have done as a professional dancer.

“Television has different rules, but you can be yourself more on stage. The stage show is my own choreography, my own interpretation of pieces, my own choices of costume. It’s the creativity that you miss when you are on television because there are lots of groups working tougher on the production to make it the best possible television show, the people who look after the costumes or the hair or the whole concept of it. But this is just me now!

“And the show is definitely slowly evolving. At first it was like an evening with the stars of Strictly. There was lots of chatting going on. But now I am trying to make the show more about the story. This time I will have a singer. That will add extra spice to the show.”

In the meantime, the Strictly phenomena just keeps on going: “The show gets better and better and better. I always think that the concept of the whole show is so positive. It is very inspiring. Everybody can relate to that type of show. You see people that maybe have never danced before or just had a bit of dance experience, and they are given more and more dance experience. And they go on to produce beautiful dances and get better and better every week.

“You have got a great mix of entertainment and achievement and self-development.”

Plus the fact dance is extremely good for you.

“It’s good at a physical level. You keep yourself younger longer. And you are learning new stuff, and that makes your brain work harder. After leaving school, you slow down in taking information. You learn things in your job, but with dance you are learning new things all the time. And then there is the social side. You will encounter new people in the dance studio and in the dance clubs.”

Pasha has been dancing since eight years old. - he grew up in a town in the east of Russia. “I did a lot of other things too, as far as sports and arts were concerned, but slowly all those other things faded away and the dancing stayed.

“I have always enjoyed performing and being in front of an audience, being watched when you do something you know you do really good, it’s really addictive. I guess I was lucky. I found something I loved.”

He calls dance “the perfect thing to do” and said: “When I do my show I love to see is people coming away happy. They say thank you very much, and you can see they really enjoyed it, those two hours, when they recharge and they re-energise. They have a good time. And it might help them achieve going into dance themselves, and that is very, very inspiring.”