Building bridges with Irish coffee, cake and laughter

Old Souls play for Hastings Fringe
Old Souls play for Hastings Fringe

New comedy play Old Souls will be presented at The Stables Theatre on July 4 at 9pm as part of the Hastings Fringe Festival.

The play follows 21 year old Rosie who signs up for a befriend-the-elderly scheme hoping to meet the grandma of her dreams only to be faced with the formidable and vivacious Vera who longs for the adventurous days of her youth and would rather a whiskey on the rocks than tea and biscuits. More than two million older people in England live alone, and more than a million of them say they can go for over a month without speaking to a friend, neighbour or family member.

Writer Vicki Sargent says: “Loneliness is such a tragic epidemic that our country is facing but it has such a simple solution; my aim is for Old Souls to raise awareness of this and show the benefits, laughter and fun that can come out of these schemes for the elderly person as well as the volunteer.”

Tickets for adults £10, under 18s and groups £10.