Pop up cinema to hit iconic Hastings sites

Screenings of classic films will be popping up in some of Hastings's most iconic sites
Screenings of classic films will be popping up in some of Hastings's most iconic sites

A POP-UP cinema will be showing classic films in some of the town’s most atmospheric locations.

Stop Gap will put on a creepy horror film in Smugglers’ Caves and a family fantasy at Hastings Castle as part of its unusual programme later this month.

It is being run by the Media Enterprise Centre (MEC), The Electric Palace and the St Leonards Film Society and organisers hope the unique screenings will capture the imaginations of film buffs and more casual moviegoers alike.

Mat McDonnell of the MEC told the Observer: “We think this is a really good opportunity to use some of Hastings’s most iconic sites in a completely new way. By putting together great films and great venues we hope to create a really special experience.

“We know there are a lot of really knowledgeable film fans here but we also want to reach out to people who may not go to the cinema a lot. The pop-up cinema is a really extraordinary way to do that.”

The run kicks off on Friday, July 15 with The Fog being shown at the Smugglers Caves. Described as a tale of supernatural salty skulduggery, it features a killer fog wreaking a terrible revenge on a Californian fishing town built on the site of an old leper colony. It was directed by John Carpenter of Halloween fame and is widely credited as one of the classics of the genre.

A week later, Friday, July 22, there is an al fresco showing of Labyrinth at Hastings Castle. The story follows a teenage girl who must complete a fiendish puzzle to get her brother back from a goblin king. With David Bowie, Jim Henson’s superb puppets and many memorable songs it is a fantastic family film, and the fancy dress theme is likely to make this an unmissable night.

Finally on Friday, July 29, Pecker will be shown at a sofa cinema night at The Pig in Paradise pub on the seafront. It’s a rags-to-riches tale of a small town photographer catapulted into being the darling of the art world overnight.

All the films will be shown at 9.30 pm and tickets are £5 but numbers are limited.

Visit www.electricpalacecinema.com to find out more and to book.