Review: Philip Scriven Organ Concert, All Saints Church, Monday July 18

THE second concert in this 23rd series was beautifully played by Philip Scriven, organist in residence at Cranleigh School, Surrey.

His first half was all French music, which suited the organ well.

We heard a minuet, a berceuse, a prelude and fugue and the finale from an organ symphony. These showed the very varied colours of the Father Willis organ to great advantage.

The second half was something never before heard at Hastings.

They do say that playing an organ is like having an orchestra at your finger-tips. Philip proved it!

He played a transcription of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony which worked amazingly well.

The appreciative audience demanded an encore, and was given the Dam Busters’ March to whistle as they went out into the rain.

Next week’s performer is Timothy Wakerell from St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

• Tim Wakerell performs at 7.30pm in All Saints’ Church, All Saints Street, on Monday (July 25). Tickets £7.50. Contact 422242 for information.