Musical insight deep into the male psyche

Spooky Men at St Mary In the Castle
Spooky Men at St Mary In the Castle

Hailing from Australia’s remote Blue Mountains, the fifteen strong Spooky Men’s Chorale are a fearsome bunch of larrikins who seek to comment on the absurdity and grandeur of the modern male.

This is done via tight harmonies, a sly collection of hats and facial hair and most importantly a cheeky twinkle in their eyes.

Despite their hilarity, the Spooky men are a class act, with perfectly executed vocals, a theatrical delivery, savvy lyrics and imaginations that run riot.

Wave goodbye to choirs as you know them...this one is a macho juggernaut; zany, black-clad, big as a behemoth and sounding as sacred as a high church choir one minute and wickedly off the wall the next.

This is their sixth UK tour and this summer they will be travelling Britain to dispense their wisdome, including the Broadstairs Festival immediately after their Hastings gig.

Auditorium seats (£19.50) and Balcony seats (£17.50) from 01323 841414.

Balcony seats also from Hastings TIC, 01424 451111 and Music’s Not Dead in Bexhill 01424 552435