Fatboy Slim hot tips to play Brass Monkey

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Preview: Watts The SP, Brass Monkey, Havelock Road, Saturday (May 7), 10pm.

FATBOY Slim is many things to many people. Superstar DJ. Brighton and Hove Albion fan. Former bassist with The Housemartins.

Whatever version of Norman Cook strikes a chord with you, once thing is for certain. The man knows his music. And the act currently doing overtime on his decks is Brighton’s hotly-tipped duo Watts The SP.

They invited Fatboy Slim to a gig, he stayed, he loved it and he then offered to support THEM at their next showcase.

Word spread and the rest, as they say, is history. Or rather it soon will be. Boasting high octane, melodic tracks with the sort of infectious hooks Fatboy Slims behaves all year for in the hope of getting one in his Christmas stocking, Watts The SP are destined for big thing.

Pulsating beats, hypnotic guitar riffs, throbbing bass and drums are their trademarks, and they have already supported Fatboy Slim on UK and US tours, appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show and been confirmed to open the mainstage at Shakedown Festival later this year.

A gig not to be missed. If you do, it seems you might have Norman Cook to answer to.