Debut album and autumn tour to bring William The Conqueror back

William The Conqueror
William The Conqueror

The fantastic William The Conqueror, whose debut album Proud Disturber Of The Peace was released this August, is back on tour this autumn.

There is a real music industry buzz about this trio and The Guardian described the music as “stomping country rock veering into stoner grunge.”

William The Conqueror features Ruarri Joseph, a former folk singer songwriter who walked away from a major record label deal to explore the music he wanted to make after feeling restricted.

Joseph said: “I think they wanted to box me in as something I wasn’t but I didn’t know what I was either at that time. I spent a lot of time on the folk circuit with my beard and guitar and had a blast. It paid the bills for a while and for that reason was tricky to think outside the box creatively. At some point I figured my younger grungy self would’ve been disappointed in what I’d become. William became a way to pay tribute to those forgotten dreams I guess.”

Joseph recently appeared in Laura Barton’s BBCR4 documentary Notes From A Musical Island discussing the balance he maintains between the demands of touring and the allure of the Cornish surf off Newquay and the woods and hills of his childhood home.

Hailing from the north coast of Cornwall, the band also features multi-instrumentalists Harry Harding and Naomi Holmes - their debut album charges through ten raw tracks, asserting itself with opener In My Dreams, a song about destiny, disappointment and defiance; driving drums and heart racing bass setting the tone. Other standouts include the confessional and timeless Pedestals, the mysteriously triumphant Cold Ontario and epic future single Tend To The Thorns with its earworm guitar hooks, blistering drums and ethereal harmonies.

Sculpted off the radar with no-one to answer to but themselves, the band ended up recording the album in Joseph’s garage (literally disturbing the peace) after plans to record it on the Isle of Lewis were hampered by a hurricane killing the power. The results sing with the confident energy of a band comfortable in their own skin, striking a vein of creativity and running with it.