Classic quartet bring blues to JazzHastings

The Quentin Collins Quartet
The Quentin Collins Quartet

CLASSIC jazz comes to the Old Town next week with a quartet harking back to Ellington and Basie.

The Quentin Collins/Brendon Allen Quartet are well established on the national touring circuit, but play for JazzHastings at the Angling Club, The Stade, for the first time on Monday (August 1) - tickets £7.

Organiser Peter Stephens pronounced them “unmissable”, and promised their unfussy blend of melodic bop would please the crowds.

Quentin Collins, the group’s trumpeter, cites Miles Davis, Lee Morgan and Freddie Hubbard as important influences, and has stated: “I’m basically an Ellington disciple and love bebop.

“I think the history’s very important, so I always listen to old records, right back to the 1930s.”

Think Blue Note sound, then, for this quartet - an unpretentious evening of classic jazz, featuring work from their new album, What’s It Gonna Be?, released in May.

A bar and cafe provide refreshments. For information contact 01424 250221 or visit