Chichester Festivities set for spectacular fireworks finale on Saturday

The Chichester Festivities are promising a spectacular night – whatever the weather – at their showpiece finale on Saturday.

Director Amanda Sharp said she was thrilled that bookings are currently 600 up on this time last year for the Goodwood racecourse fireworks concert.

The hope is to be a thousand up by the time the weekend comes – a huge achievement in the toughest of years.

Amanda conceded the weather for the three-week festival, which concludes on Saturday, had been atrocious. But she insisted the fireworks concert was a fabulous event, come rain or shine.

“The setting at Goodwood is absolutely unique. It is one of the most beautiful racecourses in the world, and the atmosphere is second to none. People come in there really wanting to have a good time and they do. Everyone comes in smiling, no matter the weather.

“I really don’t think that the weather comes into it. People just know that it is going to be a super evening.”

The success of the concert, by far the biggest event of the Festivities, is crucial to the overall success of the Festivities. Last year the Goodwood audience was disappointing, but despite the weather, this year the signs are encouraging.

Traditionally, the fireworks concert has been the opening event of the Festivities, but this year it will be the finale – a switch which has allowed expectations to grow during this year’s longer festival.

Only dangerously-high winds will prevent the fireworks from going ahead – something which has happened just once or twice in the entire history of the company providing them.

Amanda believes the improved sales this year reflect the decision to offer free admission to under-tens and also the decision almost to halve the price for ten-16 year-olds.

But she stressed the importance of advance booking. Book in advance and you will save on the parking charge; turn up on the day and you will pay it.

Tickets are on or 01243 780192.

The fun starts at Goodwood Racecourse at 5.30pm on Saturday, July 14, with fireworks crowning the evening. Before that, you’ll have the chance to dance along to A Night Of Dirty Dancing, Crazy For Bublé, The Magic Of Take That, Bee Gees Magic and Queen B.

Licensed bars. Hot food and refreshments on sale or why not bring your own picnic.

Bring a chair, rug and don’t forget to dress in warm clothing. Some under-cover seating provided in stands.