Bearded glamourpuss will set your world to rights in no time at all...


FFS! is “a brand new glittering alt-drag, rock n roll eco-show for a vexed generation” which will be performed at Printworks on Claremont in Hastings on Wednesday November 22.

For a totally refreshing take on environmental awareness, bearded drag performer Timberlina is here to say it’s okay to be angry and frustrated and ultimately helpless. In otherwise relentlessly dark times Timberlina brings empathy, compassion and - hey! - a little bit of optimism.

In 2009 Tim Redfern decided to leave London to seek a quieter life of subsistence in Rye, bringing his alter-ego Timberlina with him. Driving the community mini bus, running an allotment and deliberately not making a lot of money, Tim began to focus on sustainability and attempting to save the world; but what this did was make him feel pretty virtuous but ultimately unhappy in himself.

FFS! Is the first chapter in Timberlina’s bold new mission to address the needs of what she calls ‘Generation Vexed’.

Timberlina once appeared on the Weakest Link, curated the first Queer Late at the V&A and has hosted the critically acclaimed Big Bingo Show every Monday night for the last 10 years at London͛’s legendary Royal Vauxhall Tavern. She also hosted her own radio special on Resonance FM back in May.

FFS!! is a hilarious and frank testament to the bewildering contradictions of trying to be a good person, escaping city life and what it means to embrace a stoic and sustainable existence. All framed around a collection of original, joyously profane songs about eco-woe and fitting in.

Who better to offer empathy and compassion than this hirsute hostess? Let the sardonical warmth wash over you and healing begin as you embark on a Women͛s Institute meets late night psychedelic toke of folk wisdom, blues and rock n roll.

Tim Redfern and Timberlina work across the creative and heritage sectors to engage with and create wider subjective discourse around identities of Queer, regionality and otherness. Their work varies from lo-fi local forays to irreverent tours and talks in world famous museums via foraging and gardening at home in Rye. Tickets £10.