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organ music

Two onto one does go, when two talented organists play duets.

This unusual configuration took place in All Saints Church in the Old Town last Monday, when Tom Bell and Richard Brasier shared the manuals and pedal board for some of their concert. It was very interesting watching on the video screen, the interplay of their fingers.

For once, the pieces were nearly all by living composers. One such, John Aulich was in the audience.

His piece was demonstrating the way the wind pressure could be manipulated to produce strange harmonics and rhythms of its own without the performer doing anything much. Sometimes the keys had to be wedged down with chopsticks to keep them sounding. It was quite haunting.

We also heard music depicting three castles, by Bussey, the last being particularly attractive.

This type of concert does not appeal to everyone, but the next one, on Monday 11th August will suit most people.

The composers are Bach, both JSB and CPE; Byrd; Bruhns; Guilmant; Vierne and Maxwell Davies’ Farewell to Sromness.

The concert will conclude with a novelty Toccata sur le theme Pat le Facteur.

The performer will be a young organist who is definitely going to become a well known concert player.

At present he is the Organ Scholar at Hereford Cathedral, waiting to go to University to study music. His name? Jonathan Allsopp.

The concert begins at 7.30 pm, tickets are £8 at the door, and refreshments are available during the interval.

For any further information please ring Marion Lovell on 01424 815 247.