Local music news with Andy Gunton

When we consider original local music, most of us tend to think of acts playing the standard guitar, bass, drums and usually from the rock end of the musical spectrum too.

But just because we may not hear other musical genre’s at gigs, doesn’t mean that it’s not out there. One such genre is Electronic music, which seems to be having a bit of resurgence at the moment, and local duo Vile Electrodes are at the forefront of that.

Vile Electrodes are Neon and Swan ‘plus an army of synthesizers’ and describe themselves as playing ‘Dirty Pop, Electronica, New Wave and Dark Disco’. They name such groups as Depeche Mode, Human League and OMD among their many influences and that can certainly be heard in their music. It’s catchy, toe tapping and radio friendly.

Vile Electrodes have recently self released their debut album The Future Through A Lens and very good it is too.

You can discover more about Vile Electrodes, buy and listen to their music via their Facebook page at: www.facebook.com/vileelectrodes.

Another recent Electronic album comes from Dollboy. Called Ghost Stations the album was inspired by the lost underground stations of London and Berlin. It’s an ambient masterpiece and conveys very well the eerie quality of those underground tunnels and includes tracks about such lost stations as Bull and Bush and Potsdamer Platz. Find out about Dollboy here: www.dollboy.co.uk/home.html.

There is something for just about everyone within the local music scene to feast your ears on. Sometimes it’s just a matter of scratching below the musical surface to find it.

Andy Gunton, Pierless Music and Hastings Rock.