Artwork on the theme of violence

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An exhibition of work by Kim Wan relating to themes of violence and the relationship between religion, art history and the contemporary world, is showing at the Electro Studios Project Space, on September 7 and 8.

Kim Wan was brought up in a household with a strict Catholic Influence, a faith he was later to question, and in VIOLENTS, the artist reflects on classical religious themes, drawing upon personal history to explore issues of belief and identity in a fragmented 21st century.

Kim Wan’s obsession with the materiality of paint and what Gilles Deleuze described in relation to Francis Bacon, as the ‘Body, Meat and Spirit’ of art permeates this new work.

For the artist the ritual or process of painting has all the immediacy of a performance, albeit one without a script.

Electric Studios Project Space is in Seaside Road, St Leonards, and the exhibition comprising several floor-based and wall-based artworks will be open from 10am to 4pm on September 7 and 8.