Tricky Micky: intellectual cockney

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Preview: Micky Flanagan, White Rock Theatre, February 26, 8pm.

ANOTHER month, another comic rising-star comes to Hastings - this time in the form of Micky Flanagan.

Well-know by his appearances on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Road Show, Flanagan is the rarest of rare beasts - an intellectual cockney.

Born and raised in the East End in a household where alphabetti spagetti was considered a luxury, Flanagan book-wormed his way out of his less than salubrious surroundings by heading to university.

Now he uses his experiences to deconstruct what he calls The Great Cockney Myth in a way which makes brilliant use of his natural cheeky chappy persona and sharp-as-a-blade wit.

Frank Skinner called him “arguably the funniest comedian in the world”, although we suspect Flanagan has some sort of hold on Frank Skinner - perhaps in a similar vein to the way Porters seems to own Liane Carroll’s soul.

Funniest in the world? Definitely not. Worth spending £15 for a night out in February? Definitely.