Photographer Making Waves with new exhibition


PHOTOGRAPHY fans still have a few days left to catch the latest in a string of stellar shows at the impressive Lucy Bell Gallery.

Adrian Peacock’s Making Waves exhibition runs until July 16 and is every bit as worthy of your attention as the Norman Road venue’s previous superb selections.

Peacock himself says that the main aim of his work (which is made up of hugely atmospheric and primal images of waves and the sea) has been purely and simply to capture light and movement. And yet, as you look at his pieces it becomes apparent that more goes into these works than merely a simple arrangement of two components.

Time is a crucial element and there is a sense of waiting for the moment when what could be a pretty snap turns into something more considered. Although the scene is captured within seconds, Peacock spends a long time waiting for the right conditions - the weather, the position of the sun, the tides- before he finally arrives at the decisive moment where all come together to make the definitive scene.

In fact, he recently said: “Only a few days a year is the sea is rough enough, and the light dramatic enough, to give me the right conditions to make these images.”

It seems the Guinness adverts were right. Good things come to those who wait.

Peacock was inspired by a move to St Leonards where he discovered a new subject matter close at hand - the sea and the coastline. Constantly searching for the optimum moment, Peacock may take pictures again and again, but will find only a few a year which are worthy of a final print.

The gallery is open between 11am and 4pm Wednesday to Saturday.