Tough and tender love from Steel Magnolias

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. SUS-150308-072830001

It was a hugely successful film and the stage version of Steel Magnolias is every bit as mesmerising, as audiences at The Stables Theatre will no doubt agree.

This production opened last week but there are still performances tonight and tomorrow at 7.30pm.

Steel Magniolias by Robert Harling is a funny and touching play, set in the late 1980s in a beauty parlour in deepest Louisiana, which explores the relationships between friends and family through witty banter and gossip.

Ultimately, through tragedy, their true tenderness towards each other emerges, and show the audience their heart.

The cast for this production is made up from Stables regulars as well as some performers new to the theatre – “an amazing group of wonderful women ready to immerse themselves in the deep south of the USA.”

A Stables Theatre production directed by Julie Tucker-Williams and Rachel Beetham. Adults £12.50, Members, under-18s and groups £7.50. Book online or call box office on 01424 423221