Spanish dance sensations explode onto the Hastings White Rock stage


Jay Markwick, who by the age of 8 was achieving incredible response to his performances across the world, has bought his own Company of dance, his own unbelievable talent and his own production to London’s West End at just 22 years of age.

Jay is believed to be the youngest person ever to have choreographed, styled, produced, directed and starred in a performance that has made London’s West End on its first UK tour!

To Jordan, to China twice and back to Spain over and over again as audiences amaze at his talent, Jay has an energy and passion yet to be equalled by someone of such a young age. Originally from Essex, England but now resident in Spain, he has already accumulated an enviable history in the world of entertainment.

Unknown for a British dancer to enter the Ballet de Murcia, Jay at just seventeen years old, began there as a professional dancer. He was only eighteen when he undertook an international tour of Jordan and a month long tour in China.

By the time he was nineteen, he was ready to show the world his confidence and bravery; he left the Ballet de Murcia knowing that no-one is ever permitted to return once they leave. However, following the conception of his own dance Company, Jay’s outstanding talent resulted in an invitation, the first in history, to return!

A real life Billy Elliot, Jay started his career in dance because of football! He finished his training early so he could watch his sister learn her dance routines - within hours Jay was demonstrating to his sister’s class how to dance!

Currently, Jay Markwick’s Dance Company is receiving standing ovations across Spain as he prepares to take the Company to London to kick off the first leg of its UK tour with much demand already for the second leg which is planned for February 2016.

Explosion is not all about Flamenco. On the contrary, whilst the show incorporates much Spanish footwork, all the dance sequences are hugely influenced by ballet with a large content of Latin, classic and contemporary dance. Explosion is a unique fusion of these various dance styles, exploding with an intense colour and vibrancy that tells a love story through a sensual, fun and exciting combination of passion, strength and speed.

A spectacular, modern theatre production promised to delight multi-age audiences across the UK.

Explosion plays at The White Rock Theatre, Hastings on April 15