Seeing and hearing carols in different light at Kino-Teatr in St Leonards

The Telling at Kino-Teatr
The Telling at Kino-Teatr

Acclaimed medieval music group The Telling this weekend brings earliest and traditional carols to town complete with candlelight and atmosphere.

The Telling is “thrilled” to open its Christmas tour by bringing the Story Of The Carol programme to Kino-Teatr in St Leonards on Sunday December 2 from 11am. This is part of Kino-Teatr’s coffee concert series and the ticket price of £10 includes coffee and a mince pie, available from

This event explores the earliest carols and tells the story of the carol’s evolution from a simple dance form that had a chorus, into hymns that are sung at Christmas.

“The earliest carols didn’t necessarily have anything to do with Christmas at all,” said The Telling’s soprano Clare Norburn. “A good example of a non-Christmas carol is the ‘Agincourt Carol, Deo Gracias Anglia’ which is a celebration of English victory at Agincourt with God firmly on the side of the English.”

The Telling has a reputation for intimate, staged concerts to bring old music off the page and reach wider audiences. They create a different concert experience, combining ballads and upbeat instrumental dances with narrative, readings or film. They often perform some numbers while moving around the audience and use lighting and/or candlelight.

The Telling is made up of Clare Norburn, Ariane Prüssner on harp and percussion, and Joy Smith playing medieval and Celtic harp.

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