My Friend Lester brings unique show to Observer

The luminous talent of Billie Holiday and saxophonist Lester Young are brought to life at the Old Observer building on Sunday December 13 at 4pm.

This is a story of unrequited love played out through their music and words. The pair played and recorded achingly beautiful songs together and for many listeners it was impossible to believe they were not lovers.

This mesmerising musical highlights the untold story of romance through their own words and songs. It is directed by Karen Spicer and written by Maria McAteer, with Billie also played by Maria, and the part of Lester Young by Bjorn Dahlberg.

My Friend Lester is Maria’s fourth play and obviously close to her heart. Her late father Al Timothy (jazz saxophonist/composer) was best known for his hit song Kiss Me Honey Honey Kiss Me, and played with Thelonius Monk and Sony Rollins. He told Maria she had jazz in her voice and in her blood. She said: “This is a little play with a lot of love put into it. When you are working together with one aim, one goal and one truth with two of your most favourite people in the world...something magical is bound to happen.”

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