BATS pour talent into A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol from Bexhill Amateur Theatrical Society SUS-151217-155406001
A Christmas Carol from Bexhill Amateur Theatrical Society SUS-151217-155406001

Sometimes the meaning of Christmas and New Year gets lost in wrapping paper, selection boxes and Dr Who specials.

But act quickly, and there’s still chance to see the epic new adaptation of A Christmas Carol at the De La Warr Pavilion and stoke up on good old family togetherness, wit an unforgettable evening out packed with emotion.

With a cast of 40, this fresh, bright production from Bexhill Amateur Theatrical Society, is faithful to the original classic and brings in more scenes and characters from Dickens’ book to round out the story.

It also aims to be a bit more “scary” and less “cosy”, as Scrooge, played by professional film and TV actor Arthur Kelly, is haunted by three unearthly spirits. These visits inspire and scare Scrooge in equal measure until he realises that he has got everything he always wanted, at the cost of everything that mattered.

Director Mike Poole said: “We just wanted to put on a spectacular, big show for the people of Bexhill and to show how many talented people we have locally. We don’t have a community pantomime, musicals or old time music-hall in the town anymore, so we wanted a grand scale, family entertainment, produced to professional standards, that will be funny, scary, thrilling and heart-warming and will mean the audience leaving the theatre happier than when they arrived.” Performances 7.30pm with 2.30pm Saturday matinee, tickets £12 for adults and £7 for under-18s.