Award-winning play for new local venue

First film showing at the Baker-Mamonova Gallery in St Leonards
First film showing at the Baker-Mamonova Gallery in St Leonards

Tickets have gone on sale for the first production - a UK premiere - at the new Kino-teatr in St Leonards, part of the Baker Mamonova Russian Art Gallery in Norman Road.

The Kino-Teatr will be showing world-class award winner ‘The McGowan Trilogy’ by Seamus Scanlon.

Opening in New York’s ‘The Cell’ theatre last year the Kino-Teatr is proud to bring this “brilliant, dark and witty play set in 80’s Northern Ireland” to the south coast.

The McGowan Trilogy will run for just four nights from July 9-12.

Six members of the original cast and crew of The Cell Theatre, including the director Kira Simring, Nancy Manocherian and writer Seamus Scanlon, will fly in from New York especially to be part of the production in St Leonards.

They will be joined by a supporting cast is made up of talented British and Irish actors including the talented Ciaran Flynn from Belfast, who had acted alongside Michael Fassbender in ‘Hunger’ and with Cate Blanchett in ‘Robin Hood’. Alongside local actors sourced for their impressive TV and Film experience including Lawrence O’Connor and Lisa Harmer.

Olga Mamonova, Artistic Director of Kino-Teatr will produce this British version and set design by Russell Baker. Tickets are £20-£25 and there is limited availability. Telephone for tickets 01424 457830