Art show will launch new direction for old building

WET AND DRY painting to the edges is the title of a new exhibition of contemporary painters with strong local links opening in Hastings this weekend (July 19).

It explores what can happen when the borders between what is natural and what is manmade is exposed and revealed.

The exhibition, including works by Rose Wylie, is being curated by Matthew Burrows of ABC projects for Observer Building Arts, a new gallery in the old Observer building which has been boarded up since 1989.

Revitalised, the Observer building will eventually provide a range of new uses including student housing, art-house cinema and an exciting new concept shop/restaurant for local food and produce. WET AND DRY is the inaugural exhibition of the new gallery space for Observer Building Arts. The exhibition, which will run until August 2, will showcase six artists: Matthew Burrows, Simon Burton, The Baron Gilvan, Gerard Hemsworth, Mario Rossi and Rose Wylie. All have strong links with Hastings and established international profiles.

The works on display combine comedy, humour and storytelling and cover a broad range of subjects