Kid Kapichi, review: The Printworks, March 14

A thrilling night of pure punk rock took place at The Printworks on Saturday, March 14, when Kid Kapichi returned to their hometown.

Sunday, 22nd March 2020, 4:51 pm
Kid Kapichi. Photo by Jack Willard
Kid Kapichi. Photo by Jack Willard

Despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis, fans still made their way to the venue and it was a completely sold-out show.

Kicking off the night was the upcoming four-piece, Forever Home.

They played a very energetic 20-minute set that consisted of some vicious riffs, which quickly got the crowd moving. Later, it was revealed that it was actually the band’s very first show too.

The second support act was the DIY Brighton trio – Projector who adopt a strong blend of ’80s rock and glam pop within their music. Lead vocalist and bass player Lucy Sheehan amazed the crowd with her sensational vocals and powerful stage presence.

They played through their selection of singles, including the raw and emotional ‘Break Your Own Heart’, which was the best performance from their set. Their energy really lit up Printworks as within five minutes they had the crowd in complete control as people were jumping and beers were flying all over the room.

Usually crowds hold fire until the main act is on, but they were giving it their all during Projectors incredible set.

By the time Kid Kapichi made their way to the stage you would have thought that there had already been enough mosh pits for one night, but the crowd were nowhere near finished.

Kicking off with the hard-hitting anthem ‘Thugs’ was the perfect opener. Its fast and vicious sound created a miraculous atmosphere that practically got everyone’s blood pumping.

Every song they played was met with a volley of roars from the crowd. It certainly allowed for everybody to take their minds off all the fear and uncertainty that is currently happening around us.

For most of the set, Kid Kapichi had the crowd in their palm of their hands. They played through their impressive discography, which mostly consists of songs that are based around their hometown – Hastings. Tracks like ‘Ice Cream’, ‘Jack Jones’ and ‘Puppet Strings’ were among the main highlights of the set.

Towards the end of the show, lead singer, Jack Wilson thanked the crowd for coming out. He admits that he didn’t think that there was going to be much of a turn out because of the coronavirus scares, so performing to a sold-out crowd in his hometown must have been a real delight.

All in all, this was a great evening that showcased just how bright the future looks for Kid Kapichi. Their stage presence is truly astonishing and they know how to put on a terrific show.

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