Game review: Giotecks GC-2 controller

Ever wanted to fire your weapon rapidly and repeatedly without having to press the button super-fast?

Wednesday, 27th February 2013, 1:31 pm

Ever wanted an Xbox 360 style controller on your PlayStation 3?

Well both of these wishes come true with Giotecks GC-2 controller for PS3 which sports both of these features with a unique sleek design and hypersensitive controls.

I tested this with a wide assortment of games spanning numerous genres to see how it copes with fast-paced and slow-paced games and to test its Turbo function.

Was it any good? Did it enhance my gaming experience?

Well I wouldn’t say it enhanced it but with its design, it made games somewhat easier to play.

I tested this with a few first person shooters.

Now I don’t think the PS3 dual shock controllers analogue sticks work 100% with these types of games as they are super sensitive and difficult to maintain any form of accuracy, meaning it’s easy to over steer.

However with the GC-2 this problem has indeed been resolved.

I favoured the Xbox controller due to the analogue sticks having some resistance and this trait was transferred to the GC-2 fixing the over steer problem, the sensitivity of the sticks can also be altered by twisting them which I thought was a really nice touch.

The main selling point of the GC-2 is its turbo button positioned in the centre of the controller between the Start and Select buttons.

To use it you need to hold it and press your desired button. This causes the buttons function to activate in rapid succession until cancelled out which makes games like Call of Duty and games with quick time events a walkover.

I personally don’t like turbo functions on controllers, it kind of takes the excitement away from the games overall experience but gamers out there do especially competitive ones.

The GC-2 feels nice to hold, it’s bulkier than the PS3 dual shock and fatter and takes the shape straight from the Xbox 360 controller with the L1 and R1 buttons being bumper buttons and the triggers being L2 and R2.

These buttons are nice and responsive and thanks to the anti-slip material on the back of the controller, it takes care of sweaty palms.

Also ripped from the 360s controller is the offset analogue sticks with the D-pad being underneath the left stick unlike its PS3 dual shock counterpart.

This makes veteran Xbox 360 players more at home with PS3 games.

The main feature that impressed me was the GC-2’s impressive battery life, after three and a half hour charge to full, gamers can play for up to 25 hours gameplay, now that is ridiculously impressive.

The controller itself requires a dongle that is included in the package. It needs to be plugged into the front of the PS3 in order for it to be used as the GC-2 uses wireless functionality rather than the PS3’s native Bluetooth technology. There’s no set-up required which impressed me. As soon as I plugged in the dongle and pressed the home button on the controller, I was ready to play, a charging mini usb cable comes in the package also.


Gioteck has taken leaves out of Microsoft’s book with the GC-2, with regards to the overall design which is by no means a bad thing; however PS3 fans will find it quite tough to revert to the new layout. The controller feels tactile to hold and is nice and bulky. The buttons all feel sensitive making games a joy to play, and no need to worry about wasting battery when left unattended as the GC-2 turns off after 1 minute standing idle with the PS3 off and 10 minutes when turned on. Overall this is a nice piece of kit.

Giotecks GC-2 controller

2.4Ghz Wireless Connectivity – Simply insert the supplied dongle in a USB port and you will be gaming wire-free in a few seconds.

Pressure Sensitive Thumbsticks – Programme one of four different levels of sensitivity to reflect your gaming style. Utilises the best component parts for rotational precision and no deadspots.

Ergonomically Designed – For the utmost comfort for hours of gameplay with a tactile silk finish underneath and perfectly weighted rubberized handles.

Superior Bumpers – Using state of the art technology for optimal spring loaded feedback.

Dual Vibration Feedback – 2 x rumble motors for more life-like immersive and responsive gameplay.

Turbo Functionality – For user programmable rapid fire.

Advanced Li-ion Battery – Installed to ensure hours of gameplay and rapid recharging.

Auto Powersave – To conserve energy the auto powersave feature shuts down your controller after 5 minutes of inactivity.


Price: £19.99 (depending on vendor)

Usability – 4/5

Comfort – 4/5

Value for money – 3/5

Overall – 4/5