Fumiya Koido, review: Fairlight Hall, Saturday, May 4

Fumiya Koido, winner of this year’s Hastings International Piano Concerto Competition, made a fleeting visit at the weekend but was here just long enough to squeeze in a morning concert in the recital room at Fairlight Hall.

Friday, 17th May 2019, 12:55 pm
Fumiya Koido

He opened with Bach’s BWV849 from the Well-Tempered Clavier, giving it a romanticised gloss, which hinted at the riches to come even if it might not have been to more puritan tastes.

Brahms’ Variations on an original theme Op21 suited him far better and he brought great fluidity and sensitivity to his phrasing, and the sudden moments of power and authority.

There was a surprising lightness of touch in the opening of Beethoven’s Sonata No 31 with a hauntingly beautiful central Adagio before the crisper tones of the Fuga.

After the interval, and a chance to take in the stunning views from the terrace, he returned to Brahms with the Four Pieces Op119.

Here he brought us fine diversity of texture and energy, with moments of superb calm and reflection.

The final Rhapsody was probably the most familiar work in the recital and very well received.

The performance ended with works by Scriabin, which are obviously close to his heart.

The Sonata No2 Op19 was again beautifully shaped, the overarching structure of the opening Andante crystal clear before the onslaught on the final Presto.

Scriabin’s Vers la flamme is a more complex piece and a strange choice for the end of the concert and was starkly in contrast to the softly drifting encore, though even that caught us all unawares as it launched into an unexpectedly enthusiastic conclusion.

A pleasing morning and let us hope we hear from him again soon.

Soprano Rowan Pierce performs at Fairlight Hall on Sunday, June 9 (11am-1pm).

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