AfriKàBa is back with great line-up

AfriKàBa, the annual festival celebrating African and Caribbean arts and heritage is back with support from Arts Council England for a fourth year with an exceptional line up of artists and events.

It starts tonight (Friday, September 27) at Hastings Museum with an evening of music, poetry and spoken word, featuring Kora virtuosa, Sona Jobarteh (£6.50/£7.50).

On Saturday, September 28, 7.30pm, at St Mary in the Castle, be entertained by Ragarella, the Reggae Pantomime. One for all the family, this is the Cinderella story Raga style with pulsating reggae music and energetic street dance (£8/£10/£28-family/£5-students).

A family capoeira workshop with Dende Nation will take place at Hastings Museum on Sunday, September 29, from noon (£3.50). -

On Monday, September 30, 7pm, at St Mary in the Castle, Sorry, No Coloureds, No Irish, No Dogs is a series of powerful monologues from Gazebo’s Black History Series, featuring, among others, Mary Prince, Olaudah Equiano, Walter Tull, Mary Seacole and William from SS Windrush.

Hastings Arts Forum hosts Derek Johnson (aka Musicalist) on Tuesday,1 October 1, 6:30pm, in a change from the original programme.

He will be discussing ideas from a current work in progress that details universal human and cultural behaviour affecting not just the music industry but business, ownership, creative expression and how the trading in human beings shaped our modern world and many ideas we take for granted (free).

At Electric Palace Cinema on Wednesday, October, 7pm,there will be a screening of Motherland and a pre-screening debate. This documentary with soundtrack by Sona Jobarteh is a breathtaking sweep of the African continent.

On Friday, October 4, 7.30pm, Root Jackson & Co will appear at Hastings Museum, bringing the deep, unmistakable blend of blues-jazz-reggae-funk fusion (£6.50/£3.50-students).

At the museum from October 5 to 27, an exhibition in memory of the late Irene Mensah.

The final of this year’s AfriKàBa festival is a performance by Kasai Masai at The Stade Open Space on Saturday, October 5, 7.30pm, with traditional sounds and high-energy congolese music (free).

Visit for prices and further information. Tickets from Hastings Museum, Hastings Information Centre or phone 08444 771 000.