A window into the workings of a unique Old Town Artist

Artist Roland Jarvis
Artist Roland Jarvis

Preview: Roland Jarvis - open studio weekend, 39A Tackleway. August 4 and 5, 11am to 5pm.

A NOT-TO-BE-MISSED opportunity to peek into the studio of artist Roland Jarvis for one weekend only, forms part of Hastings Old Town Carnival Week.

Inside will be an exhibition of large paintings, drawings, typosculptures, animation films and a documentary film on Roland Jarvis by Mark French entitled Timelines.

Roland Jarvis, painter, sculptor, filmmaker and clockmaker has been living and working in Hastings for over 40 years.

His workspace is a converted chapel with a 60-foot long studio and various other spaces crammed full of his creations, which are everything from sculptures made out from recycled materials, drawings, prints, to six-foot canvas paintings, and in the last eight years numerous digital animation films.

As a special tribute to him a documentary film was recently produced by professional film maker, Mark French.

The open weekend provides an opportunity to see the work of this extraordinary artist and meet him in person.

When Roland was seven he was given a Meccano set which inspired him to become an engineer. Following a degree in Electrical engineering he spent two years of military service in charge of a radar workshop. 
During one lunch break he accidentally visited his first gallery in Chelsea and at the age of 25 decided, much to his parents horror, to change his career path.

He studied painting at Guildford and Chelsea Schools of Art, before being awarded a one-year French Government scholarship to study painting in Paris.

This was at a time when Paris was the hub of cultural activity and some of the greatest iconic such as Picasso, Braque and Leger were present and greatly inspired and influenced Roland’s work. 
After 3 years he returned to London where taught life drawing and printmaking at Watford and Camberwell Schools of Art part-time for a number of years. 
Forty years ago Roland moved to Hastings at which point he took a part time job teaching drawing at Brighton Polytechnic. As well as continuing to work as a painter he spent 18 winters designing and building astronomical clocks.
For further information call 01424 426353 or email rcjarvis@talktalk.net.