Welsh fire doused in darts clash

A JAM-PACKED New Pebsham Club witnessed some top draw darting action as, not for the first time last weekend, England poured cold water on the smouldering Welsh dragon.

Thursday, 14th October 2004, 2:28 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 11:20 pm

On this occasion it was, more specifically, Sussex hammering Gwent in Division Two of the British Inter-County Championship on Saturday and Sunday.

The difference, and quite a difference at that, lie in the respective men's and ladies' A teams where the visitors won just two of the 18 available points. Both counties obtained nine points from the two B team matches, meaning that Sussex ran out emphatic 25-11 victors. Hastings' Adrian Boyle won for the B team.

County darts returns to Pebsham on December 4-5 when Somerset are the visitors.

Results - men's A, Sussex 11 Gwent 1 (Sussex names first): Jim Withers beat Alan Walker 3-1, Paul Russell beat Anthony Evans 3-0, Lee Gladman (1x180) beat Andrew Hayward 3-0, Shaun Waugh beat Stephen Cake 3-1, Geoff Taylor (1x180) beat Andy Chappell 3-2, Dave Ceasey beat Chris Smart 3-0, Carl Minter beat Jon Quantick 3-0, Keith Price beat Geraint Davis 3-2, Jason Hills beat John Burton 3-1, Rod Hawkins beat Peter Johns (2x180) 3-2, James Greenfield lost to Paul Coslett 3-2, Bob Aldous (1x180) beat Clive Fielding 3-2. Sussex man of the match: Shaun Waugh (Northfleet) 28.06.

Men's B, Sussex 7 Gwent 5: Paul Eves (2x180) beat Adrian Rees 3-1, Scott Richardson beat Gary Pickett 3-2, Ken Sowerby beat Darren Crawford 3-2, Andrew Sexton lost to Phillip Clarke 1-3, Mark Cottingham (1x180) lost to Tim Bouse (1x180) 0-3, John Paine beat Paul Bugler 3-0, Peter Stoner lost to Anthony Evans 2-3, Adrian Boyle beat Ray Watkins 3-2, Michael Hammond beat Karl Knapp 3-0, Andrew Stanford beat Adam Smith 3-0, Jason Yates lost to Frank Drury 1-3, Barry Price lost to Gavin Poole 2-3. Sussex man of the match: Scott Richardson (Billingshurst) 25.07.

Ladies' A, Sussex 5 Gwent 1: Donna Askew beat Natalie Tucker 3-1, Rhonda West beat Linda Rodgers-Pickett 3-2, Trish Kidd lost to Jan Robbins (1x180) 0-3, Karen Winter beat Alison Bonas 3-0, Donna Rainsley beat Chris Savvery 3-0, Glenys Laker beat Michelle Sheppard 3-1. Sussex ladies of the match: Karen Winter (Littlehampton) and Donna Rainsley (Hailsham) 20.31.

Ladies' B, Sussex 2 Gwent 4: Sue Sexton beat Amanda Willard 3-1, Bridget Guilford lost to Carmen Baines 1-3, Brenda Kirwood lost to Mandy Williams 2-3, Sue Grig lost to Moe Collier 1-3, Sue Bird beat Dawn Walker 3-1, Nita Bateman lost to Rebecca Rose 1-3. Sussex lady of the match: Sue Bird (Edenbridge) 17.41.