Bexhill hope to make Vase debut

Bexhill United Football Club is hoping to compete in the FA Vase for the first time ever next season.

Tuesday, 29th April 2014, 5:36 pm
Bexhill United plan to lay a hard-standing material behind the eastern goal at The Polegrove if drawn at home in the FA Vase

The Sussex County League Division Two club has applied to enter the prestigious national knockout competition for the 2014/15 campaign and will learn if it has been accepted during the summer.

Bexhill chairman Bill Harrison said: “We’ve entered the FA Vase and I can’t see any reason why they wouldn’t accept us.”

Bexhill haven’t previously played in the Vase for ground grading reasons, but in order to meet a hard-standing requirement, the club has placed on order for September what Harrison described as “a green plastic material that interlocks together”.

The material would be laid behind one of the goals, probably at the eastern end of The Polegrove, in the event of Bexhill being drawn at home.

“The County League (ground grading committee) have agreed it and it won’t affect the cricket (fellow ground users Bexhill Cricket Club) at all,” continued Harrison.

The chairman added that Bexhill have been awarded the ‘H Grade’ ground classification - the requirement for step six of the National League System - and are close to the ‘G Grade’.

At some stage Bexhill hope to lay a tarmac path across half the width of the pitch at the western end of the ground, providing a further area of hard-standing for spectators.