Consolidation the aim for promoted Park

Bradley Payne steams in for Crowhurst Park in the friendly against Bexhill. Picture by Steve Hunnisett (eh18020b)
Bradley Payne steams in for Crowhurst Park in the friendly against Bexhill. Picture by Steve Hunnisett (eh18020b)

Crowhurst Park captain Colin Ayres has stated the main aim for the club this season is to maintain its place in Sussex Cricket League Division Two.

The club won promotion from Division Three (East) last season, and will now face the likes of Bexhill and Eastbourne following their relegations. It is a great achievement for Park to be in the division and Ayres is planning on them staying there.

“We want stability within Division Two,” Ayres said. “It will be a successful season if we can achieve that goal. As well as remaining in the league, we’re hoping to bring through some of our younger squad members, particularly in the 15-18 age group and we have some players who we feel could certainly play a role for us.”

The Telham-based side warmed up for its season opener at St James’s Montefiore tomorrow (Saturday) with a friendly defeat away to Bexhill last weekend. Shawn and Malcolm Johnson both retired having hit centuries for Bexhill, but Ayres feels the game could’ve gone differently if Park were in the proper swing of things.

“It was nice to blow the cobwebs off with that first game,” admitted Ayres. “We dropped both the Johnson brothers on 10 and 50 respectively so it could’ve been a different game. Catches win matches, so we’ll need to work on that. But overall it was just nice to get back playing again.”

Dale Payne has arrived from Hastings Priory and become vice-captain, while this year’s overseas player is Kellen Powell, from Norths in Queensland, Australia. “His initials are KP, so we’re expecting big things,” Ayres joked. “We’re hoping Kellen can contribute the same way as Dale Bryant did last year.

“It’s all positive stuff. We have a great youth set-up and we have the improvements to the ground too. We need to concentrate on perfecting our strengths, whilst cutting out or limiting our weaknesses as we go. It’s an exciting time to be involved with Crowhurst Park.”