Zipper club members donate heart recorders

Consultant cardiologist Dr David Walker is presented with a heart recorder by Dennis and Joan Moon
Consultant cardiologist Dr David Walker is presented with a heart recorder by Dennis and Joan Moon

Heart patients are set to benefit from two new heart recorders thanks to the generosity of the Zipper Bowls Club.

The recorders were presented by Dennis and Joan Moon from the club to consultant cardiologist Dr David Walker this week.

An electrocardiogram or ECG recorder is a small recorder device with a couple of electrodes that records the rhythm and electrical activity of the heart.

The electrodes and the portable recorder are attached to the patient’s chest to enable it to store the patient’s heart activity.

This information is then downloaded and analysed by a cardiac physiologist. It can help diagnose symptoms such as palpitations and fast heart beat which do not happen all the time.

As the recorder is attached to the patient for up to a week it can automatically record abnormal heart arrhythmia even while the patient is asleep. There is also a button for the patient to make their own recording while they are having their symptoms.

Sean Gaughan, senior chief cardiac physiologist at East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust (ESHT), said: “We would like to thank the Zipper Bowls Club for its generosity.

“These two recorders costing £3,600 will help us to record our patient’s heart rhythm to enable us to analyses their symptoms.

“This now makes the superb total to date of six of these recorders that have been purchased by the Zipper Club. With these six recorders we have recorded a total of 300 patients of which more than 50% had important useful cardiac information and 10% had serious cardiac arrhythmias all requiring urgent intervention and treatment.”

The Zipper Club is a national organisation with a membership of more than 300 people, all of whom have had heart surgery.

Mr Moon is a member and his wife Joan is a supporter of the club, which raises between £25,000 and £30,000 every year through playing bowls.

Mr Moon is still going strong after a quadruple heart bypass 23 years ago.

He said: “Previously we have purchased four recorders for the Conquest and this year another two were needed hence we are pleased to present these further recorders to our cardiology department at the Conquest.”

Anyone who has undergone invasive heart surgery and would wish to be associated with ‘THE ZIPPERS’ can contact Mr Moon on 01424 427820 for more information about the club.

ESHT runs both the Conquest on The Ridge and its sister hospital, Eastbourne DGH, as well as Bexhill Hospital and community health services across 1066 Country.