Youths rob taxi driver in his cab

A 67-YEAR-OLD taxi driver fought off three hooded youths who tried to rob him of his takings after he answered their bogus pick up call.

Fred Wapples, 67, had just pulled up in Hurrell Road in his red Skoda Octavia saloon when the door was pulled open and he was confronted by the robbers.

One hooded thug yelled: “Give us your money or we will stab you!”

Fearless Fred then lashed out with his feet before one robber grabbed his money container of £75 in coins and his trip computer worth £120. Another tried to grab the car keys which remained in the ignition but still got away with Fred’s house keys.

The trio then ran off up steps towards Priory Road.

Fred, who works for Phoenix Taxis, said: “It was terrifying. They said they were going to stab me but I didn’t see a knife.

“I put up a fight but they grabbed the money and trip computer and legged it. But there was no way I was going to chase them at my age.

“They seemed pretty young kids about 16 to 18. They were nervous and probably just out for their next quick fix.

“I wasn’t going to lie down and let these kids take my money lightly. Unfortunately the engine was not running.

“We traced the phone call to the telephone box at the top of Mount Pleasant Road. I had no idea it was not a genuine pick up and just can’t believe the gall of this sort of people. I’ve had to change the lock on my house but it has not put me off going back on the road. You have to get right back in the saddle and not let them grind you down.” Anyone with information can call Hastings Police on 101 and ask for PC Tom Blakely or PC Toby Spires.