Youth Council encourages young people to make mark in elections

Hastings Youth Council SUS-180326-122924001
Hastings Youth Council SUS-180326-122924001

Hastings Youth Council has launched a campaign to encourage young people to vote by signing up to the electoral register.

Council officers attended a Hastings Youth Council meeting last week to talk about the electoral register and how to apply to join.

The Youth Council will be visiting local colleges and the university to sign up young people.

Deputy leader of Hastings Borough Council councillor Kim Forward said: “I am very pleased to see our Youth Council leading a campaign to encourage young people to join the register so that they can use their vote to have a say about the future for our town. We live in a democracy and it is important that people vote in local elections.”

The Youth Council have invited the leaders of the three main parties locally to comment on their manifestos and their particular relevance to young people This will be available on Hastings Youth Council Facebook page.

Hastings Youth Council is keen to encourage young people to be on the register so they can vote. Huda, Chair of Hastings Youth Council said:“Young people should be on the register to exercise their right to vote.

“Having a say gives young people a voice for change”.

To check if your registration is current or to join the electoral register you can go to or call Hastings Borough council on 01424 451087.

The Youth Council is an organisation working together to make a difference for young people in Hastings. Anyone from 13 to 25 years old can become a youth councillor. You don’t need experience or qualifications, but you should have an opinion and be willing to express it.

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