Zeppelin stories

I AM now in my 80s and in the process of writing my memoirs, such as they are, mainly for the benefit of as yet unborn great-grandchildren.

I spent the first 30 years of my life in Hastings, going through the war years and evacuation but memories of infancy have grown steadily dimmer.

I feel sure that memory serves me correctly when I say that I saw a whole ox being roasted on a spit in the Fishmarket and I presume this was to mark the Silver Jubilee of George V which dates from 1935.

My main enquiry is to ask any readers if they can remember seeing a Zeppelin, round about this time as I feel sure that I had this experience while playing in the garden of our home in Manor Road.

This is not entirely impossible as I believe they still survived the disaster of the Hindenburg. Any feedback whatsoever would be greatly appreciated via email at the address below in New Zealand where I have been resident these past 50 years (but still have not been converted to rugby despite the prowess of the All Blacks).


New Zealand