Youth getting into a bad habit

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I WAS in Battle Road, St Leonards one afternoon at around 4.15pm, and coming towards me were two very smart looking young gentlemen, with badges on blazers, but I was not able to see whether this was a Hastings or St Leonards Acadamy badge.

In view of where we were, probably St Leonards. Sadly, they were smoking.

Come on mums and dads, come on kids, come on teachers, I am an OAP and can’t afford to smoke (not that I want to now, having seen what is has done to some of my mates), but there are better ways to spend your pocket money.

Save up for, well, think what you would really like to have a go at, driving a tractor, driving a racing car, paragliding, sailing, swimming, table tennis, badminton, tennis.

Come on. This town has so much. Okay, it might cost a few pennies to get there, but at least those pennies are not going up in smoke.


Bedford Road