Youth activities

WE are delighted to read that the Observer is taking up the cause of playing field facilities for youth sports activities in Hastings, with its feature on The Firs field, next to Hastings Football Ground, the Pilot Field.

The Firs is conveniently placed and has many advantages apart from the chief one, that Hastings Borough Council (HBC), to its credit, has carefully maintained this field so that it is ready for immediate use.

Unlike, for example, the Sandrock Field on The Ridge, The Firs is in a sheltered spot and has almost unlimited free on and off-road parking, with no main roads to cross, so ideal for dropping off/picking up youngsters and equipment.

It will be good to see the field used once more for sport, particularly as it is taxpayer-maintained and therefore that expense should be justified through its use and enjoyment by Hastings’ sports groups looking for a large and safe venue.

We urge sports leaders to contact HBC so that this pleasant place can be brought back into maximum use sooner rather than later, while Olympic enthusiasm for sport is still at white heat.



Pilot Field Area Residents’ Association