Young in ‘love fests’ at the local pool

I WOULD like to ask the manager of the Ravenside Leisure Pool what he is putting in the water on a weekend.

I was under the impression that chlorine was the standard but after a recent Saturday visit with my young children it must be some sort of animal pheromone.

At first it appeared that the water was just rolling with the wave machine but it soon became apparent that the pool was rocking to a ‘love-fest’ for the local 13 to 16-year-olds who were frolicking (and much more) among the foam in their skimpy outfits.

Now the awe and wonder of exploring the body for the first time is a powerful aphrodisiac but on this evidence they are well-practised and not a lot is left to the imagination, all in plain view of the young families trying to teach their children how to swim not reproduce.

The lifeguards seemed oblivious and I wonder what the parents of the young girls being pawed by their boyfriends would think to a harmless afternoon at the pool? Perhaps this what they are allowed to do at home but I somehow doubt it at 13 to 16.


Pevensey Road

St Leonards