You have to dig deep to find allotment changes

I SINCERELY hope that all allotment tenants obtain copies of the council’s proposals referred to in the article in the Observer (December 16).

As these proposals will have a profound and lasting effect on the cost and conditions of use of allotments I am astonished that the council did not send a copy of these proposals to every tenant, especially as there is a closing date of January 12, 2012.

It would appear the council is uncomfortable in its traditional role of managing allotments and wants somebody else to take management responsibility although there will still be an Allotment Officer employed by the council.

It would appear this is part of a Corporate Plan. There may be a bright side to this of course as something more than just trimming the hedges may now take place.

The tenancy agreement is now run to an astonishing 18 pages and should be read with care.

It has all sorts of conditions laid down but the one thing that cannot be found is what the council or managing body is going to do for the tenants.

A retrograde step is the banning of hoses, something that was only granted a few seasons ago. It comes as no surprise that a rent increase is seen as mandatory whatever happens.

The person to direct requests for information, comments or other feedback to is Murray Davidson, environment and natural resources manager, Aquila House. Telephone 01424 451107.

Please obtain all the information available and make your views known so allotment tenants get what they want not something foisted upon us.


Mildenhall Drive

St Leonards