Wrong solution to fishing problem

I WOULD like to respond to a letter in last week’s Observer.

I cannot believe C Harmer, from Mountfield, gave the solution to the fishing problem as a closure of the area between Dungeness and Beachy Head. What a charmer! Does he realise the amount of people it would put out of work?

It’s not just the men on the boats but the boys ashore who push the boats out, then there’s the people who sort and grade the fish on the market (when the boats are actually allowed to fish).

Then there’s the offices connected to the business side, and the fish hawkers who go far and wide to sell the fish. These are very proud men and never expect to make a fortune but just a living.

The area he gives covers Rye, Hastings, Eastbourne and other areas where boats are moored. If he could just talk to the men and explain what he could offer them so they don’t have to join the dole queue. But I would suggest he keeps his car running and the doors open, in case they don’t understand.


Old London Road