Wrong image is being portrayed

I READ with interest that Hastings Borough Council (HBC) has decided to move the previously award winning Hastings Information Centre from the town hall to Aquila House.

As councillor we were informed by the Labour leadership and HBC officers that moving revenue and benefits to the town hall along with the contact centred HBC would make significant efficiency savings and the investment of £200,000 would improve the service to residents.

The whole project has completely failed with a number of complaints made by tourists complaining of swearing, drinking and anti-social behaviour. Even incidents of public nuisance involving dogs. As a result a number of hoteliers have raised concerns about having their premises marketed at the HIC.

This is not the image we should be portraying to visitors of this town. I have personally received a number of complaints from residents that they are also having to wait more than 40 minutes to have their queries answered via the contact centre.

As a result of the complete failure of the contact centre it has now been decided that an additional £15,000 must be spent to move the HIC to Aquila House. Despite assurances this would never happen.

This project appears to have been a complete waste of money at a time when there is scarce resources with the cost savings that were promised not forthcoming.


Silverhill Ward