Wristbands are waste of money

SO there is to be a charge for the Seafood and Wine Festival this year - at present the charge is £2 on the day and £1 prior to the date.

I would question just how much the entrance ‘wristbands’ are costing per unit. I suspect that probably by the time the cost of these has been deducted the ‘profit’ to the council is not much, which begs the question why is it doing this in the first place, other than to enable it to increase the cost every year.

Yes, we do of course appreciate that it costs to put such festivals on, but it also helps to generate a huge amount of business to the town, and gives the town some muc- needed positive publicity.

Perhaps the council should consider £1 for Hastings residents (on proof of residence) and £2 for visitors if they simply must charge at all.

One wonders whether the council is also busy plotting in the background as to how it might levy a charge on the Jack-in-the-Green and Bonfire Night processions.


Charles Road

St Leonards