Working together to refute ‘tirade’ claim

I’M sorry if John Oates feels my letter of December 2 was a tirade against public sector workers.

I was simply commenting on the previous week’s editorial which said they were the ‘backbone of the country’ (no more than anyone else) and the ‘worse off’ (they’re not).

I would refute his reference to me possibly not understanding the need for trained nurses and teachers.

I come from a family that is full to the brim with nurses, physios, social care and other public sector workers.

I have worked in the social care field for 36 years, in both the public and voluntary sector, including 16 years for East Sussex County Council, so I’m well qualified to comment.

I fully respect John’s quite different view to mine on this issue. However, I must take issue with his comment that people ‘working for non-public enterprises.....should increase their productivity to the level of their public counterparts’.

This is a divisive and arrogant statement that will cause a lot of people in public and non-public services to wince with anger or embarrassment.

In these very difficult times, there is a lot of very positive work going on between these two sectors, working in genuine partnership to serve their communities and such a statement cannot be substantiated and clearly isn’t true.

Fortunately, it is a development that is likely to continue and develop long into the future, and many will welcome that.


The Spaldings

St Leonards